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Air Ambulance

Over the last decade, Phoenix Aviation has formed a close working relationship with AMREF Flying Doctors and together they have created a unique and extraordinary Air Ambulance service that is used by many of the world’s leading Insurance companies. Phoenix Aviation has a wide range of aircraft in its fleet thus enabling evacuations from remote as well as high-risk areas within East and Central Africa.

Building on 20 years of experience operating into and out of remote out station operations, hostile environments and locations with limited infrastructure, Phoenix has developed its fleet to include twin engine helicopters for search and rescue missions, as well as the Cessna Citation Sovereign for long range VIP transport and medical evacuation. Operating as a fully equipped Air Ambulance, the Phoenix Aviation fleet includes Citation Excel and Bravo jets which have the capacity to evacuate two patients at a time, using the latest tandem Lifeport stretcher system. No other aircraft in Kenya are equipped to this same level of technology or specifications for emergency evacuations. Our King Air turbo props are also fully equipped with the Lifeport System. This modern internationally approved medical interior is complimented by AMREF Flying Doctors’ high tech sophisticated on-board medical equipment.

All Air Ambulance aircraft are fully equipped with intensive care equipment, enabling the transportation of critical patients on long distance flights. Modern medical equipment with the full range of advanced life support equipment including medical supplies, drugs and electronic monitoring equipment allows intensive patient care both on the ground and in the air. Patients are accompanied by an emergency physician, experienced in emergency medicine and intensive care and/or a critical care nurse, depending on clinical need.

This world-class air ambulance service was the first non-European, non US air rescue provider to receive full accreditation by EURAMI (European Aeromedical Institute), one of the only two organizations in the world who can officially assess standards of service provided by Air Ambulance organizations.

Phoenix Aviation and AMREF Flying Doctors bring operational and safety procedures together to ensure the best possible environment for the patient and clients.