The AW119 is a single-engine multirole helicopter that has excellent flight qualities with high levels of controllability, maneuverability and inherent safety. The AW119 can be used for various roles, including utility, emergency medical services (EMS), and executive transport. A key feature is its wide-body fuselage, which allows for up to seven passengers to be seated in a three-abreast configuration in the cabin; for the EMS mission, up to two litters along with medical attendants and full emergency medical equipment suite can be accommodated, whereas most similar-sized helicopters can only carry one. The unobstructed cabin area and separate baggage compartment can be rapidly reconfigured to suit a range of different missions and roles. Several different cabin interiors may be adopted to accommodate different missions and operations, such as executive/VIP, EMS, and utility options; the cockpit can also be isolated from the cabin.

Range: 500nm

Seating: 6 pax